Our Difference

Our People

Hookipa is about people. We are looking for un-relenting and courageous people who want to create ground-breaking therapies for others. Our all-consuming conviction is to strengthen the immune system with greater levels of tumor-specific CTLs to provide more protective and long-lived immunity against diseases that need to be eradicated.

"Everyone brings something different to the table and that´s how we can overcome challenges."
Philipp, Process Engineer
“Infectious diseases and cancer impact everyone. It makes me really proud to be working on this with my team.”
Nina, Technical Assistant
"We work hard, we work smart and we have fun"
Lukas, Technical Assistant
"The greatest drive is to think that this research could make a huge difference for so many people."
Sarah, Technical Assistant
"You have a job to do and you have the resources to do it. That way you can really focus on solving problems."
Damir, Technical Assistant