About Us

HOOKIPA Pharma Inc. is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing a new class of immunotherapeutics targeting infectious diseases and cancers based on a proprietary arenavirus platform that is designed to reprogram the body’s immune system.

We are using our ‘‘off-the-shelf’’ technologies, VaxWave®* and TheraT®*, to elicit directly within patients a powerful and durable response of antigen-specific killer T cells and antibodies, thereby activating essential immune defences against infectious diseases and cancers. We believe that our technologies can meaningfully leverage the human immune system for prophylactic and therapeutic purposes by eliciting killer T cell response levels not achieved by other published immunotherapy approaches.

Our platform technology is based on engineering arenaviruses to carry and deliver virus-specific or tumor-specific genes to dendritic cells, which are natural activators of killer T cells, also known as cytotoxic T cells, or CD8+ T cells. We believe we are the first to reengineer arenaviruses for therapeutic purposes. Read more

Our lead infectious disease product candidate, HB-101, is currently in a Phase 2 randomized, double-blinded clinical trial in cytomegalovirus-negative patients awaiting kidney transplantation from cytomegalovirus-positive donors.

Our lead oncology product candidates, HB-201 and HB-202, are in development for the treatment of human papillomavirus-positive cancers. We plan to file an investigational new drug application, or IND, with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for HB-201 and HB-202 in the first half and second half of 2019, respectively. Read more

We have entered into a strategic partnership with Gilead Sciences, Inc., to accelerate building a pipeline of additional infectious disease product candidates in a cost efficient manner.


* Registered in Europe; Pending in the US