Scientific Publications

Publications on replicating technology


Klaus Orlinger, Henning Lauterbach, Sarah Schmidt, Kia Katchar, Xiaoping Qing, Corinne Iacobucci, Andy Hwang, Katia Schlienger, Ursula Berka, Josipa Raguz, Sarah Ahmadi-Erber, Timo Schippers, Felix Stemeseder, Daniel D. Pinschewer and Igor Matushansky (2021). Development and Characterization of a Novel Non-Lytic Cancer Immunotherapy Using a Recombinant Arenavirus Vector Platform. frontiers in Oncology

Sandra S. Ring, Jovana Cupovic, Lucas Onder, Mechthild Lütge, Christian Perez-Shibayama, Cristina Gil-Cruz, Elke Scandella, Angelina De Martin, Urs Mörbe, Fabienne Hartmann, Robert Wenger, Matthias Spiegl, Andrej Besse, Weldy V. Bonilla, Felix Stemeseder, Sarah Schmidt, Klaus K. Orlinger, Philippe Krebs, Burkhard Ludewig & Lukas Flatz (2021). Viral vector-mediated reprogramming of the fibroblastic tumor stroma sustains curative melanoma treatment. Nature Communications

Ring, S.S., Cupovic, J., Onder, L., ... Krebs, P. Ludewig, B., & Flatz, L. (2021). Viral vector-mediated reprogramming of the fibroblastic tumor stroma sustains curative melanoma treatment. Nat Commun 12, 4734 (2021). Nature

Bonilla, W., Kirchhammer, N., Marx, A., ... Orlinger, K., Zippelius, A., & Pinschewer, D. (2021). Heterologous arenavirus vector prime-boost overrules self-tolerance for efficient tumor-specific CD8 T cell attack. journal.ppat.100209. Cell Reports Medicine

Sarah Schmidt, Weldy V. Bonilla, Andrea Reiter, Felix Stemeseder, Theresa Kleissner, Daniel Oeler, Ursula Berka,... & Klaus K. Orlinger (2020). Live-attenuated lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus-based vaccines for active immunotherapy
of HPV16-positive cancer. OncoImmunology

Page, N., Klimek, B., De Roo, M., Steinbach, K., Soldati, H., Lemeille, S., ... & Lingner, T. (2018). Expression of the DNA-Binding Factor TOX Promotes the Encephalitogenic Potential of Microbe-Induced Autoreactive CD8+ T Cells. Immunity, 48(5), 937-950. PubMed

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Publications on non-replicating technolgy

Michael Schwendinger, Georges Thiry, Beatrice De Vos, Geert Leroux-Roels, Jacques Bruhwyler, Ariane Huygens,... & Anders E Lilja (2020). A Randomized Dose-Escalating Phase I Trial of a Replication-Deficient Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis Virus Vector-Based Vaccine Against Human Cytomegalovirus. The Journal of Infectious Diseases, jiaa121.

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Publications on Key Features of Arenaviruses

Sommerstein, R., Flatz, L., Remy, M., Malinge, P., Magistrelli, G., Fischer, N., ... & Pinschewer, D. (2015). Arenavirus Glycan Shield Promotes Neutralizing Antibody Evasion and Protracted Infection. journal.ppat.1005276. PubMed

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